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Barrier packaging

Decorate and protect in one single step, thanks to IML barrier labelling.
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Packaging solutions

Need inspiration? We have countless standard containers and over 200 options in PP, PS or PET. IML decoration available. Come and see our flexible side!

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About us

We are ITC Packaging. One of the main rigid plastic packaging manufacturers in the Spanish and European market. We manufacture PP and PET packaging with IML or Sleeve decoration. We specialise in the integral development of customised packaging for the food and cosmetic industries, as well as other sectors.

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COVAP, the perfect family

Recently, COVAP enlisted ITC Packaging to develope their entire range of butter tubs under the brand Hacendado.

ITC Packaging embarks on a €9 million investment plan focused on improving their customer services.

This ambitious investment plan shall not only affect our production plants but also our management centres, in a clear bid to improve and strengthen the company's services in order to fully meet our customer's future needs.

Alvárez Gómez: Packaging with uniqueness and style

A new concept of PET packaging with the refined geometry of a mineral, a gem or a diamond.