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Success stories developed in less than 120 days. Discover how!
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Decorate and protect in one single step, thanks to IML barrier labelling with PP/EVOH/PP!
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Need inspiration? We have countless standard packs, and over 200 options in PP, PS or PET with decoration. Plus IML, PML, Sleeve, Silkscreening... That’s our most “flexible” side!

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About us

ITC Packaging, a major manufacturer of plastic packaging for the food industry, and for paint, detergent, cosmetics, etc., using materials such as PP, PET or PS and decorations such as IML, Sleeve, PML or silkscreening. Specialising in the integral development of plastic packages, from your original idea all the way through to the supermarket shelf, with one of the most extensive ranges of standard packs on the market. Get to know us better in our videos, a channel where you can see firsthand our "know how", welcome to ITC Packaging!

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Interpharma e ITC Packaging have found the perfect silhouette!

If we were to write out the 10 commandments for success in packaging, one of them would surely be ergonomics. And if we add to this an impressive facing and a truly suggestive shape, the result

ITC Packaging & ICFC launch a new packaging treasure

It's the first PET injection pack offering 0% breakage with 100% visibility. A treasure in packaging! This box gives consumers a good look at the contents, inviting them to taste it and enjoy an authentic experience.

Arias & ITC Packaging présentent un nouveau format !

ITC Packaging and dairy products Mantequerías Arias launch a new updated version of the classic Burgo de Arias trio, which also improves user experience. It's a packaging that transmits tenderness and softness, giving the consumer a little surprise once the fresh cheese has been taken out of its mould.