A successful conclusion for ITC Packaging's Coat4Pack project.

ITC Packaging has recently seen the successful conclusion of its Coat4Pack project. An initiative aimed at developing new types of oxygen barrier coatings in order to replace the EVOH multilayer film with less complex structures in a bid to reduce their weight while increasing their recyclability and offering more sustainable packaging options.


Developed during the past three years by a consortium comprising the firms Artibal, ITC Packaging and Plasticos Romero, the project was under the coordination of AIMPLAS technology centre. Thanks to the important R&D work undertaken by all involved, we have managed to develop new functional coatings for plastic packaging that significantly improve on previous developments.


More specifically, it has allowed ITC Packaging to successfully implement this type of solution in their rigid packaging featuring IML decoration. This new PVOH coating based solution provides less moisture sensitivity while improving OTR values, therefore representing a fully suitable solution for food consumption.


This project has been supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, as part of their call for entries to the 2016 Collaboration Challenge Programme. File no. RTC-2016-5352-2.