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ITC News: F. Montosa & ITC – decoration and barrier in one single step


The Guacamole case for Mercadona

Guacamole is a product with a very limited shelf life, because it is not easy to produce, handle and then transport and distribute. In a sector in which food waste is a large part of costs associated with products, suitable packaging can solve the equation!

For this reason, ITC Packaging was chosen by Frutas Montosa to develop a pack that would help to preserve this product longer, communicating its properties with flair. Using IML barrier labels with multilayer PP/EVOH/PP, the result was a highly decorative overall design, requiring less handling than other decoration formats such as dry offset, sleeve technology or PML. The new concept enhances product value by preventing deterioration and waste and preserving nutritive, sensorial and health-giving properties longer, which in the final analysis is what convinces consumers. This pack lengthens shelf life significantly by reducing OTR levels, all in one single operation!

A question of oxygen

Labelling packs with IML barrier labels gives much lower levels of oxygen permeability than in injected PP packs. Since the IML label includes an EVOH layer, the transmission of oxygen and/or light from outside to the inside of the pack is drastically reduced, giving a longer shelf life for the food product inside and in some cases even making it unnecessary for the product to be stored cold or use additional preservatives.

All this means that barrier labelled products can compete with traditional packaging such as glass and metal, in certain applications such as meat products, fresh-cut and pre-cooked foods, sauces and soups, baby food, pet food, cheese and other spreadable products, jams and jellies, among others. The barrier successfully shuts out flavours, odours and keeps in freshness. A world of infinite possibilities, thanks to LongLifeQ!

In Frutas Montesa’s view

“We wanted to work with ITC mainly because they have the same philosophy as us – working side by side and a relentless search for solutions for their clients. That’s the only way to get the results you want. Without this synergy, we wouldn’t have been able to offer an innovative, high-quality product to our customers.”

Federico Montosa, Marketing Department