Buitoni & ITC Packaging: a pack that’s really complete!



Buitoni & ITC Packaging: the best recipes in a pack that’s really complete… For the savvy, it’s Completissimo!

Buitoni continues to launch new products providing cooking solutions in line with current demands. And they come in a completely integral pack, like its name says – Completissimo!


No Secrets

It’s a microwavable individual-portion pack that even comes with a spoon – a complete packaging solution from ITC Packaging to allow consumers to enjoy the finest Italian recipes from Buitoni, any time, any place, ready in only 2 minutes!

What’s more, ITC came up with a packaging solution enabling pasteurisation and ensuring the quality of these authentic Buitoni recipes, guaranteeing maximum flavour by using materials with outstanding organoleptic properties.




“Ready to Use” Design

A design developed with the “ready to use” concept, providing an individual pack in which the product can be mixed, plus the perfect accessory: a combination spoon-fork long enough to reach the bottom of the pack, for instant eating any time, any place, with an aseptic wrapping that guarantees maximum packaging hygiene.



A view from Buitoni


BUITONI Completissimo: With this launch, Buitoni, the expert fresh pasta brand, wanted to take the opportunity to create a refrigerated pre-cooked dish. ITC helped the brand to launch this new concept, in which the pack plays a key role. This is a polypropylene pack suitable for pasteurisation during production and subsequent use in the consumer’s microwave. The pack also includes a combination spoon-fork that allows consumers to eat the product straight from the pack, anywhere, anytime.

Esteban Barrios

Culinary Production Division