Instant Coffee & ITC Packaging; a 64% weight reduction is possible



A PET pack as an alternative to glass… So many advantages that it’s an unquestionable improvement! Remember: At ITC Packaging we always find the solution!


PET vs Glass: what are the advantages?

Goodbye to glass breakage hazards! PET packs have a high resistance to impact, both during transport and later on the supermarket shelf, giving a 100% savings in possible costs derived from breakage and cleanup.

With all the transparency of glass but lighter in weight, a PET pack gives more advantages and comfort for users – in production, distribution and all the way through to the home, where kitchens are safer due to zero glass breakage hazards.

The new pack switches from rounded geometries to a squarer shape, optimising placement on the shelf as well as storage and transport. This gives a significant overall space reduction. The pack is also stackable, making logistics more efficient and reducing the unit cost of transport and storage, as compared to the instability, logistics and safety hazards of glass containers.

All these measures contribute to improved emissions levels, reducing the pack's carbon footprint.


ITC square pack and cap, a complete packaging solution!

The PET pack is manufactured in two stages, and the PP injection cap has an easy-open and self-closing system registered by ITC Packaging that permits proper placement on the automatic capping line, meaning that we can ensure the integrity of the pack and cap and give users an improved handling experience.

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Client vision…

Café Jurado’s vision…

The project developed in collaboration with ITC Packaging is a complete success. They’re a team that shows dedication, interest and professionalism from start to finish.

Alfonso Jurado

General Manager at Café Jurado