Ordesa & ITC: A bid for R&D&I in packaging!




Laboratorios Ordesa, a benchmark Spanish company in the baby food industry, and ITC have developed a cap model that improves the hygienic and safety features of powdered milk tins!


Upgrading the common tin.














Providing greater value is a present-day must, and even more so if it has to do with a product intended for baby nutrition. In this case, the project was to create a new lid with an integral dispensing system – a project that quickly became one of the major bids of the ITC Group for the future.

Our job was to upgrade the common tin, so to speak, providing it with a new accessory, and giving it an innovative style that has now generated a significant increase in sales for the manufacturer. In 2011 the new cap “made in ITC” was tested out via a marketing trial run, and the results gave us a really good feeling. Consumers said they valued the new cap highly, calling it attractive and eye-catching. They also valued the ribbed tin’s solid looks, convenience and improvement in overall hygiene. Statistics showed that 65% of mothers thought the new cap was very convenient or very practical, with only 4% suggesting that it could still be improved.



A passionate challenge















Although the project started out with high demands as to cost restrictions, as well as rigorous standards for mechanical properties and resistance levels, the ITC design team successfully provided a solution that permitted a substantial improvement to the air-tightness of the powdered milk caps, incorporating a dispensing spoon inside the cap for consumer convenience – effectively doing away with the search for the missing spoon inside the powder! – while ensuring that the product would be suitably preserved thanks to the hinged cap perfectly adapted to the tin rim so as to maintain all the original properties of the contents for the entire shelf-life and storage period of the product at home.

In addition, ITC developed a system for the fast and efficient interchange of cap dispensing spoon moulds during production, so that various sizes of spoon inserts could be manufactured without any downtime. These caps are manufactured using high-output production units with an automatic inline closing system, online label inspection and a new-generation IML robotics system with a capacity for 50,000 units per day. This is a product that was designed to attract consumers and carve out a better market share for the client.


Ordesa’s vision

In our present-day crisis economy, Laboratorios Ordesa was looking for a more innovative touch as a new marketing tool for this product, and for this project in particular, the company decided to select ITC for the SPOON CAP initiative in view of their professionalism, availability and the reliability shown by the entire ITC team.

Also seen as a plus was ITC’s high level of technology and their efficient machinery and installations, which enabled Ordesa to place all their trust in this packaging manufacturer. The result of all this was a more hygienic, convenient and practical cap which has been highly applauded by end consumers.

David Buenafuente

Planificación y Compras, Laboratorios Ordesa.