ITC news: Lune de Miel & ITC combatting the crisis



Trends and Reality

“Rightsizing”, or more appropriately in this case “downsizing”, is the answer to a need for adjusting the size and content of a pack to the socioeconomic realities of consumer today. It’s a trend that is gaining weight, not just in Europe, but all over the world. We have outgrown the culture of excess, of oversizing, to reach a point where contention, adjustment and re-use are much more important than before.

In this context and with a clear-cut client briefing from Lune de Miel, we set to work at ITC on this new revolution in concepts to create for them a new pack offering “honey for all pocketbooks”. From idea to reality, in answer to current consumer demands. A comfortable dispenser pack that is easy to use and protects and identifies the product inside.


Combatting the crisis

It has a practical shape and comes in a “mini” version as well, and it’s already sweetening up life for consumers, with a 100% natural, healthful and quality product. It is manufactured in PET with a dispenser cap and a design that makes it look truly appealing, conveying all the sweetness it contains within.

And to counterattack the economic crisis, this pack is being sold for 1 euro only so as to satisfy current consumer demands, in a shape and size that make it highly practical for use in the kitchen and home whatever one’s honey consumption level happens to be. Yes, there’s a new model in consumer consumption: back to the essentials, rightsized to the minimalist concept, a return to the basics. And as far as packaging is concerned, products are now shedding their extravagance and focusing on function. Mission accomplished! Thanks to close cooperation between Lune de Miel and ITC Packaging.