Gastro Lunch & ITC Packaging: innovation!


Among the advances in the vending trade we can see things like new payment systems, social networking, touch screens, etc. But we shouldn’t forget that the essential thing, the whole reason for this sales channel, is the product itself – products conceived to attract the purchaser’s eye and convince the buyer at the machine to choose our product, and not others! If this isn’t a success story, what is?
We are the number one!
Gastro Lunch, under its brand Ñaming (a play on “naming” and “yum-yumming” in Spanish), has embarked on a unique project along with ITC Packaging to become the first in its class Made in Europe! As a result, the first sandwich pack has been launched with thin-wall technology in injected PP and IML decoration. The application process is unique as it is an absolute premiere in IML system designs, with all the advantages offered by this format. The design has been optimised to ensure perfect stacking and a high level of resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting product protection. The pack is based on the key concept, “less is more”, with thin walls under 0.45mm for minimal weight, thereby reducing costs and raw material usage, and contributing to the ITC carbon footprint reduction plan.
For demanding consumers
Menus vary every day, demands are high, and Gastro Lunch always strives to give consumers exactly what they are looking for. This is why the packaging in this product is important – it ensures that the product inside preserves all its high quality. This is the message Gastro Lunch wants to communicate to end consumers – it’s an essential concept for this client of ours – because they make and distribute freshly-prepared, ready-to-eat foods for the vending trade, ensuring traceability, an uninterrupted cooling chain and total freshness. And this is why ITC came into the picture to develop a pack that goes beyond all previous attempts and really plays the role of communicating, informing and highlighting the quality contents of these delicious sandwiches.
The Gastro Lunch vision:
“ITC’s development of this new pack for our Classic Sandwich was a qualitative leap forward, very important for our image and giving us the chance to stand out from the pack in a highly fragmented market. So we continue to be leaders in the sandwich trade in Spain, thanks to the wide acceptance of our Ñaming brand.”
Jorge Miranda
Director General Gastro Lunch S.L.