New mozzarella pearl pack made in ITC Packaging!


Cheesemakers Quesería Lafuente and ITC Packaging have developed a new packaging solution for mozzarella pearls with an inner basket that ensures consumer friendliness!


Simple and practical.


Quesería Lafuente proves how a simple and practical packaging solution can become a total success. This pack is made in PP with IML labelling, a format that stands out as a labelling solution offering high quality and cleanliness, as the label is perfectly integrated with the product package, making it impermeable and increasing durability with high resistance to scrapes and scratches.





¡Be convenience!

Adding value to packaging is an indispensable requirement in today's world. At ITC we love challenges, and this one was to provide major improvements, which is our speciality.

The ITC Packaging R&D&I Department first studied the overall functionality of this solution, including a detailed study of product characteristics, and came up with a series of improvements that were implemented step by step. The product case study called for attention to the particularity of the mozzarella pearls and their liquid content, and the fact that access had to be as hygienic and convenient as possible. The basket design was therefore made in accordance with accessibility and convenience criteria, with mechanical parts being carefully calculated. Our solution permitted the basket to be kept in suspension, and it also incorporates a finger tab that automatically flips up when the lid is removed, improving hygienic conditions and access to the product.

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Quesería Lafuente’s vision…

The development of this innovative pack was a complicated process, but with the outstanding technical support of ITC and lots of work on both sides, the end result couldn't have been better. We started almost a year ago with the first mock-ups. Our technicians and all of ITC's departments (sales, technical, marketing, etc.) put their shoulders to the task, and everyone made great efforts to see the project through to completion. The result is this modern and highly useful pack for fresh mozzarella pearls. Fresh mozzarella is a highly popular cheese that delights most palates because of its soft, juicy flavour. It's a premium cheese product that can be eaten alone or combined with salads. At the same time, it is highly versatile and can be used in many kids of dishes, providing a special delicate texture and flavour that matches well with salads or sweets, either cold or warm. Mercadona and their intersupplier Quesería Lafuente have made a bid for mozzarella in "pearls" because they are so easy to use and measure out, as well as adding a touch of glamour and appeal to a multitude of dishes. Our natural evolution towards this idea encouraged us to seek a solution for preserving and packaging our mozzarella pearls in a way that would offer simplicity, convenience and hygiene in a pack that ensures perfect conservation, so we came up with an exclusive product that can be found at any of the 1,447 Mercadona establishments today.  We couldn't be happier with the final result. From Quesería Lafuente and Mercadona we are sure that we will be collaborating with ITC in future projects.