Danone and ITC Packaging now share snack-time with you!

Healthy eating and a cool image have become the absolute “trending topic” of the day. Danone answers a growing need and launches a new healthy proposal for those in-between times during the day.


Everyone against Little Hunger.

The Danone battle against "Little Hunger"– that cheeky little character symbolising the noisy rumblings of hunger in between meals – is in full swing! As a health-giving answer for impulse buying, Danone presents Danio, a healthy little snack combining natural yoghurt with double the amount of milk and a fruit layer as well.

Conceived for snacking between meals or after doing sports, Danio from Danone placed its trust in ITC Packaging again for the launch of this new "impulse" product.

Danio has a high protein level and low fat, giving this yoghurt a dense creamy consistency which is ideal for getting rid of the hunger bug between meals. And there are three flavours to choose from too!



Conceived for on the go consumption. 

For this Danone product, ITC Packaging developed a PP injected lid with an integral highly-resistant spoon that enables consumers to eat this snack any time, anywhere.

With its transparent top, the lid designed for Danio gives a complete answer to market demands for an instant snack, and ensures that the dense cream can be scooped up easily with no breakage. The heat-seal covering the lid guarantees hygiene, and even allows the lid to be resealed after use – in case the Little Hunger bug decides to launch a new attack!

Danio, the yoghurt that has beaten all sales records in the USA, has just touched down on the Spanish market. Now, thanks to ITC Packaging, Danio is starring on the impulse channel to become a healthy temptation for some really delicious in-betweens.


Danones vision

Right from the drawing board, we saw that ITC had creative force and exceptional enthusiasm. And they combined this with expertise and professional know-how, with a team that co-developed this iconic product under the finest conditions and made it as functional as we wanted it to be.

In addition, ITC knew how to convey the needs we had defined at Danone right from the start. With this development, we've managed to get even closer to consumers with a really special product like Danio.

A perfect collaboration with a supplier who lives and breathes innovation with outstanding passion. A warm thank you to the entire ITC team.


Alexandre Raksanyi, New Business team & Tamara Castrillón Rodríguez, Packaging Enginner –

Danone Dairy Spain