HACENDADO places trust in Antiu Xixona & ITC Packaging


Antiu Xixona & ITC Packaging are the new suppliers chosen by supermarket kings Mercadona for the launch of their new product: Barquillos Artesanos Hacendado. Would you like to know why? Because it's a product that combines quality with packaging expertise: And it looks like a winner!

3 Keys to Packaging.

This product combines format, material and design – the 3 key factors that have a direct influence on purchasing decisions. Plus functionality and improved usability.

This product has undergone a 360º optimisation, improving on the closing system of its forerunners, incorporating two SCS “Safe Content System” seals, with an anatomical shape to facilitate opening, and ensuring total nontamperability. In addition, it enables the consumer to reopen the pack while keeping the product in perfect condition until it has been all used up, from the first bite all the way through to the end of its lifespan.

And to top it off, the personalisation of its IML labels gives this product maximum shelf impact – a top pack for a top product any way you look at it.


Teamwork for success.

Sanchis Mira, integrated supplier to Mercadona for various ‘HACENDADO’ references and others under their own brand,  Antiu Xixona, placed their trust in ITC Packaging once again – ensuring that ITC continues as one of the regular packaging manufacturers for integrated suppliers of this Valencian supermarket chain.

The new shape of these "Homestyle Ice-Cream Rolls" is an outstanding example of all the possibilities of standard made-in-ITC packs, within the family of "flexipacks". They also comply with the ten great design factors invented by ITC, ensuring optimum logistics for ideal transport, storage and shelf display deployment. 


More information… mkt@itc-packaging.com



Antiu Xixonas vision

At Antiu Xixona, we valued this design in a totally positive way. ITC and our team worked on this project, and others, as one single unit. The approach was very serious and professional, and enabled us to achieve packs that met our high product standards.

César Soler - General Manager