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  • The Ametller group entrusts their new dairy products packaging range to ITC Packaging
The Ametller group entrusts their new dairy products packaging range to ITC Packaging



More “appetite appeal”



With the support of ITC Packaging, this Catalan company has developed a family of highly elegant tapered packs made in injected PP with IML decoration that transmit a whole new range of sensations. It is evident that appetite appeal is a must for increasing sales, and one of ITC's aims to boost client sales was to design a high quality pack with free-flowing forms to invite consumers to make the purchasing decision.



Growth without intermediaries


The Casa Ametller group is in full growth, working with business model emphasising vertical integration, and carefully controlling the products its offers at supermarkets from origin to final delivery. Among its various product lines, Ametller has chosen ITC Packaging to provide support for its dairy products line.

This line is made using high quality milk, with lots of protein and an intense flavour thanks to the special feed given to its grain-fed livestock.  Add to this a meticulous manufacturing process, and you get a high quality product with organoleptic features that provide fine flavours and delicate textures, in all their products. 



Casa Ametller's vision


For us, packaging is an art. the pack design is highly important for us. It's what talks about us at the point of sale, what potential customers see when they're in that special pre-purchasing moment.

We worked with ITC on this new packaging concept for our dairy products and the experience was really outstanding. Working as a closely-knit team focusing on the same objective was a key factor in achieving product success.