Packaging that causes a sensation!

Packaging that causes a sensation, for an irresistible product! This was the premise for this pair of product packs now ready to hit the supermarket shelves and make them tremble... Dulcesol and ITC Packaging achieve a new launch.


A sleeve with lots os gloss!


TopCao from Dulcesol is a new product on the shelf and it comes with lots of power! Who can resist this new chocolate cream in all 3 flavours? This new reference from the Valencian confectioner Dulcesol uses a PP injected pack with a highly decorative sleeve, which is one of the best options for a pack expecting lots of facing.

This 180g pack was made in the science park at the headquarters of ITC Packaging in Ibi (Alicante), using advanced technology and efficiency in manufacturing with hybrid machinery contributing to the firm's carbon footprint reduction plan.

The result is a "double bingo": pack + lid with 360º colour, gloss and lots of appetite appeal


Dulcesol Group

Dulcesol Group is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of confectionery products, pastries, breads, biscuits and baby food in Spain. They have their own chicken farm for egg production, plus an egg product plant where they obtain liquid egg for supplying their factories with guaranteed quality products.

The corporation has two production plants in Spain and one in Algeria with 36 production lines, over 100 different products and hundreds of formats. They sell their products in over 24 countries through delegations, daughter companies and partners for different markets.


Dulcesol's vision

The result of the new packaging of TopCao achieves a compromise that had demanded. The aim was complex because it had to show a sufficient facing, be attractive and contain the required amount, offering the consumer an honest image. ITC has managed to find solutions to problems that seem simple but complex to combine.
Alberto García, Brand Manager Grupo Dulcesol.