Arias & ITC Packaging présentent un nouveau format !


ITC Packaging and dairy products Mantequerías Arias launch a new updated version of the classic Burgo de Arias trio, which also improves user experience. It's a packaging that transmits tenderness and softness, giving the consumer a little surprise once the fresh cheese has been taken out of its mould.


Packaging + Product – made with lots of TLC!


This portions package has developed to change its classic rippled three-section cups, to incorporate a base that improves user experience, providing design and functionality to the pack that everyone is familiar with.


It is manufactured in injected PP with a smooth, oval shape that allows for easy demoulding of the product, with 0% wastage of the fresh cheese inside and an integral logo, giving the product an identity and a touch of TLC that characterises this product each time it is opened.


In addition, the package is more sustainable, with a considerable reduction of its carbon footprint, as it uses 15% less plastic in manufacturing. This new pack saves ups to 60 tonnes of plastic per year.


It is manufactured at our facilities in Sopelana (Bilbao), and this restyling comes fully packed with design and innovation in materials that give it the values our client was looking for: a soft image, smooth and glossy, showing that Burgo de Arias puts its whole heart into everything it does. Now ITC Packaging is part of the TLC chain of Burgo de Arias!














Mantequerías Arias


Burgo de Arias, a leading brand on the Spanish fresh cheese market, celebrates its 25th year as the consumer's top choice for rich, healthy and easy-to-prepare dairy food products. To celebrate this anniversary Burgo de Arias is reaffirming its commitment to consumers and revamping everything. The new Burgo de Arias has a more original flavour, a new shape that is unique on the market, a new more practical packaging, and is easier to use, more eco-friendly and it has a modern, updated design.













Arias's Vision

What makes us different is that we work in the what we call the TLC chain: "At Burgo de Arias, we've been doing things with tender loving care for 25 years, because tenderness changes everything. This is our finest quality certificate and our guarantee that we do things in the best way we can. We put tendering loving care into our products by caring about the process, innovating in formats and choosing the finest raw materials. Our customers continue the TLC chain by using our products in their favourite dishes.Natalia Fernández, Marketing Manager

Natalia Fernández, Marketing Manager

Mantequerías Arias.