Azucarera & ITC Packaging launch a new pack with great facing!


Azucarera, empresa presente en el sector del azúcar desde 1903, está  renovando la imagen de toda su gama de productos. Además, como respuesta a las necesidades de sus consumidores, ha cambiado el envase de azúcar Glacé  de la mano de ITC Packaging.


New packaging format


The new powdered sugar package is a canister made in PET, meaning it is 100% recyclable and has a high impact resistance both during transport and later placement on the supermarket shelf.

This pack offers consumers an improved user experience in view of its size, shape and closing system: it’s a pack with a shape that facilitates handling and has three dosing options thanks to its PP injected cap.

In addition, this pack guarantees lots of impact on the supermarket shelf thanks to the sleeve that covers, protects and decorates it all round.

A complete packaging solution (canister + cap) made in ITC.



Sleeve technology arrives at ITC!



At ITC Packaging we are welcoming sleeve technology! Gloss, infinite colours, 360º facing for any format and durability in all ambient conditions. This is another step forward, in a bid for more demanding packaging, for clients who want to stand out from the “pack”… So come on, make your own gala presentation on the shelf today!



Azucarera’s vision


ITC’s packaging is an unquestionable improvement! Improving consumer experiences, enhancing usability thanks to its shape and new closing system and sleeve.

Itxaso Rodríguez

Market Research & Consumer Insight Manager