ITC Packaging & ICFC launch a new packaging treasure


It's the first PET injection pack offering 0% breakage with 100% visibility. A treasure in packaging! This box gives consumers a good look at the contents, inviting them to taste it and enjoy an authentic experience.


Temptation at first sight! 

Hand in hand with ICFC, we are launching this elegant, high-visibility box as if it were a treasure chest filled with jewels. The design is a clear example of "less is more" – that illustrious phrase coined by one of the great masters of modern-day architecture, Mies Van der Rohe, who opted for simplicity as a mark of distinction.

This packaging solution highlights cleanliness and seduces consumers at first sight, as it's the first pack launched by ITC Packaging in 100% transparent, injected PET, giving a clear view of the traditionally prepared contents, while offering a high degree of resistance classed as 0% breakable, making this the ideal pack for any target audience.



ICFC is a leading international food manufacturing company specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of ice cream. They work with over 45 clients in over 19 countries with a firm commitment to service and business excellence.

Every year, their plant manufactures over 80 million ice cream cups, over 40 million cones, over 36 million sandwiches and over 20 million bulk ice cream packs. They achieve this with a headcount of 500 employees who work directly for ICFC with the ultimate aim of  creating products that consumer welcome on a daily basis.


ICFC's vision

As a result of the design of this new pack, which involved the Ice Cream Parlour concept, we have achieved our aim, which was to eliminate barriers between the consumer and the product.
Using the Bauhaus motto "form follows function", we were able to complete this sought-after objective of offering more for less. We have used the minimum amount of material and elements around what we see as being really important – our ice cream.
ITC has demonstrated once again that their radar is set on the state of the art, having found a technical solution in the shape of a seemingly simple box that actually involves a high degree of complexity.

Carlos Marzal
Marketing Project Manager, ICFC.