Interpharma e ITC Packaging have found the perfect silhouette!

If we were to write out the 10 commandments for success in packaging, one of them would surely be ergonomics. And if we add to this an impressive facing and a truly suggestive shape, the result is a perfect packaging success story... 





























Shape matters.

In this case, we are talking about the packaging designed for Interpharma’s “Lotigén” treatment shampoo line, which is showering pharmacy shelves with a 300ml format and proudly reaping success thanks to its fantastic silhouette.

Manufactured in blow-moulded injected PET with a silkscreen decoration, this stylised bottle was conceived to answer the needs of consumers today, where ease of use and perfect dosage guarantees a great user experience. To achieve this, we supplemented the bottle with a hinged opening cap with an anti-drip membrane, maintaining the appeal of a personal hygiene product while guaranteeing impeccable use by consumers.

It is on sale at pharmacies, with a full range of bottles in impressive solid colours that match hair type and treatment needs. 

Founded in 1972 as a Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Pediculicide Laboratory, INTERPHARMA has now become a fully approved laboratory for Food and Vitamin Supplements.
Since its inception, INTERPHARMA has made a rm bid for research and development, produ- cing and marketing its own range of products. The in-house R&D Department develops their own original formulas, always obtaining magni cent results in ef ciency, quality and innovation thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used. 


Interpharma's vision.

We are very satis ed with the project developed in conjunction with ITC Packaging, and we want to stress that since our inception, Interpharma has been committed to the environment. The re- ason why we wanted to upgrade this bottle was to achieve improvements in our Kr/Kp ratio. We can now say that this aim has been met, with considerable waste reduction to give our planet a “breather”.

Our colours are impressive, our formulas contain no parabens and we offer a highly affordable average price throughout the Pharmacy channel.


Eugenia Arolo, Purchasing Management