ITC Packaging arrives in Korea with a real "Premium" pack for Maeil


A pack with lots of added value that covers every single detail so that user experiences will be outstanding. It's a cap for baby milk with an integral spoon, in the colour chosen especially for the client, designed with smooth, flowing shapes, and the spoon integrated in the cap to ensure hygienic use every time!


It's the golden cap from ITC Packaging.


Our track record has over 30 caps developed especially for the babyfood industry, for major European manufacturers such as Arla Foods, Hero and Hochdorff, among others. And now we've reached out to Korea, with a top-level project where a thorough knowledge of the trade is reflected in this latest launch for Maeil.

The cap has outstanding technical details and a really great look, because the highly visual top is used to maximum effect, combining communication, convenience and branding in the same area with a minimalist design that really works. What's more, the integral spoon is tailor-made in a rounded shape to fit into the rim, improving usability, and offering a soft, rounded form that characterises the product itself while respecting the required measuring size for dispensing the product. This solution guarantees hygiene for everyday use, because the spoon can also be placed back in the cap after every use.

This opportunity comes from our partner Bara / Donjon Group, who have been part of the development from the beginning to make this project possible. 



A leading company in the dairy products trade that pursues innovative criteria and knows perfectly well that it has to reinvent constantly and provide added value for consumers. Proof of this is the launch of the project being presented here. Markets, consumers and in general the society today all need companies to make things absolutely easy for them. Maeil has over 45 years of history behind it, with a turnover of US$1.14 billion and a human resources team with a headcount of 2,085.  



Maeil’s vision


We have launched the first SpoonCap in Korea and it's a big success, another step towards the safety and hygiene thanks to ITC Packaging. We nurtured this project for 2 years and it's now a reality. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of ITC, we have found the perfect balance between market needs, product needs and the value chain. We would like to highlight ITC Packaging's great ability to provide value, and the professional touch of their team, which have both enabled this SpoonCap to reach Korea.


Jeff LEE