“Bocabajo” for La Pescadería, a successful PET MYpack for sauces.


Ergonomic and with an anti-drip dosing cap.

These are two features that make this new PET packaging initiative the ideal alternative for selling sauces. Ergonomically functional, it also has a perfect spring-back, with no deformation, after squeezing out the sauce. “Bocabajo” with its anti-drip dosing cap  that prevents the product from accumulating under the cap or in the dosifier, works perfectly down to the very last drop!



Sleever, the perfect “communicator” for PET packs.

This technique wraps containers in a shrink-fit plastic sleeve, which then goes through the heat tunnel to adapt to the shape of the container. It can be used for extensive, high-resolution printing surfaces. Great for getting your message across to consumers, with lots of visual impact. One example of this are the results obtained in a range of 5 new products being launched by Juan Andreu Hdez. y Cía S.L. under the tradename “La Pescadería”