Danone and ITC Packaging: another success story


Danone and ITC Packaging: another success story



A development in which 30 members of the Danone team and another 15 professionals from ITC have collaborated to produce “3 successes in 1”: a new product, a new category and a new brand created by Danone España, and manufactured in Aldaya (Valencia).

Danone chose ITC Packaging for this project to set a new, innovative world standard developed in total secrecy until now. At ITC Packaging our job was to create a thinwall pack in two formats – 125 ml and 500 ml – with orange-peel-effect IML labelling in photographic quality to increase the “appetite appeal” of this new product while generating impact and brand recognition. “Yolado” comes in 5 new flavours that are sure to grab consumer attention.



Productivity with less eco-impact!



“Yolado” is manufactured in an ultra-rapid-cycle 380Tm hybrid unit for “thinwall” packs, combining hydraulic feed-in with electric feed-in to achieve a 30% reduction in power consumption – an outstanding result of our overall carbon footprint reduction plan.  

This close collaboration with Danone to produce a new and revolutionary product is set to achieve great success due to its ground-breaking novelty in a new bid from this world giant in dairy products: healthy, refreshing, home-frozen…without losing its “Danone” personality. A yogurt is now an ice-cream too!