LongLifeQ from ITC Packaging: Houston, we have a solution!



The alternative

Are you looking for a barrier-type package for hot or autoclaved packaging without the risks of glass or metal, and all the advantages of IML? We’ve got news for you… LongLifeQ from ITC Packaging incorporates an EVOH layer (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) with barrier properties that enables you to prolong the useful life of packaged food with OTR rates (23o C, 65%HR) that are under 0.3cc/m2*d.



What are the advantages?

High quality decoration thanks to IML, less weight compared to other options such as glass, lower risk of package breaking, homogenous barrier layer thicknesses, freedom in design and greater dimensional stability – these are all just some of the advantages awaiting you. Sauces, meat products, fresh-cut and pre-cooked foods, preserves, pet food…discover why LongLifeQ is a truly efficient alternative for the food industry. Contact mkt@itc-packaging.com today and we’ll tell you why.