More MYpack success stories with Mahn Mac & Mercadona.


Shelf impact and optimised logistics ensured.

For Hermann Mahnken, manager of Mahn Mac, two of the main premises for this project were: a family of 4 packs with capacities from 140g to 1 kg for ready-made diced salad products (Russian, American, crab…) that would be good for spreadable products too, all for their client Mercadona.

So we came up with geometries that would maximise logistics and shelf appeal, IML labelling for an attractive one-off decoration with no post-handling, and minimal thicknesses. With these factors, this new packaging line is set to reach an annual output of around 13 million units.


Mahn Mac Delicatessen, ready for Mercadona’s 1,300 outlets.

This is the bid made by this Mahn Mac, headquartered in Lodosa (Navarre) Spain, which has just opened new, fully-automated 12,000m2 facilities and quadrupled their former space with an investment of over € 27 million.

With this move, Mahn Mac hopes to reach every one of the 1,300 Mercadona supermarkets in Spain, with their brand name diced salad and spreadable products.