Nestlé and ITC Packaging cross the finish line again!


“Three wishes – granted”: Fast, clean and high quality.

This new launch enables La Cocinera to give consumers speedy solutions for everyday meals, using less time for cooking and giving the Frozen Foods shelves a new product: a ready-to-eat designer cream presented in a microwavable tub that also looks great!

A haute-cuisine dish that comes in four varieties, enabling consumers to save time. Great, isn’t it? Nestlé’s “La Cocinera” brand has used all the experience and the master touch of Juan Mari Arzak to create these select creams that are “a luxury that anyone can afford”, just like home-made creams with ingredients of the highest quality that give dishes great nutritional levels and a fantastic taste. At ITC Packaging we thought that a practical, attractive pack that comes straight from the microwave to the table would be the best bet. And we were right!


The importance of Packaging, according to Arzak

The importance of Packaging, according to Arzak

Juan Mari Arzak, a Michelin 3-star chef, says that this pack really caught his attention, and he thought it was a great presentation bowl: “It’s a pack that you put in the microwave, take out and place straight on the table, because it’s really pretty and that’s what grabbed my attention... I was gobsmacked!”  

It’s a tub with an “earthenware touch” that simulates traditional bowls from yesterday, but with all the advantages of PP injection moulding: heat sealable and microwavable, decorated with a cardboard ring with an eye-catching design for the supermarket shelf. Technology, quality and design combined in a ready-to-eat product that has won La Cocinera a Best Pack 2012 Bronze Medal in the category of Frozen and Pre-Cooked Foods.