New MYpack success: 700ml container for peeled pineapple.


Pure “usability”.

Usability was the basis for product conception: for medium-sized peeled pineapples, ready for cutting and serving. Including container reuse, as a practical pack and lid for freezing products or microwave heating, fully dishwasher proof. And the advantages don’t stop there. The IML labelling not only provides a great facing on the shelf with lots of impact thanks to the high quality container decoration, but also eliminates the adhesive labelling used in a former version, optimising appearance and packaging costs.


On the way to exceeding 30 launches in 2010.

We made 30 new format launches in 2010 – in both exclusive and standard models – but 2011 already set a new record in references on the market, as well as in units manufactured, probably exceeding 400 million packaging units produced.



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