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Platos Tradicionales & ITC Packaging – innovating for Mercadona supermarkets.

Otra historia de éxito.

Every new day brings more pre-cooked foods to the shelves of supermarkets, and this is why Platos Tradicionales, an Integrated Mercadona Supplier, together with ITC Packaging, has been working hard to develop a new range of trays for pre-cooked foods for this leading distribution company in Spain. The "adventure" began in 2010 with PP trays for lasagne in 2 formats: 400 and 800 g, without decoration, which soon developed into a complete tray family in translucent PP with IML decoration for both lasagne and other pre-cooked dishes.

Evolution in this product family brought a new and fresh approach to the supermarket shelves, with IML decoration revolutionising the customisation of plastic packaging, and standing out as a brilliant labelling solution with high quality and hygiene standards, as the label is perfectly integrated with the product packaging. And now these innovations are being used for countless pre-cooked foods - straight from the shelf to the table!


Más ventajas.

The development of PP injection trays for this Valencian firm provides quite a few advantages during the production process: dimensional stability, with no deformations, no asymmetries, etc. These are significant features that prevent downtime on the production line.

Trays for pre-cooked foods were a true challenge for ITC Packaging, but we successfully overcame all the difficulties by applying our valuable know-how and expertise, ensuring that we could then incorporate decoration, using appropriate materials for heat treatments and optimise pack thickness and geometry, adding outstanding organoleptic properties to the quality materials we used. And these are not only an eco-friendly option in view of a reduction in the use of raw material, but also provide better aesthetics, producing a better-looking tray due to stability and finish, which can be taken straight to the table, and stands out for its hygiene and appeal on the shelf. Without a doubt, an attractive sales item.


Más información ... mkt@itc-packaging.com


La visión de Platos Tradicionales ...

Our ongoing process of improving our recipes led us to liaise with ITC to develop a new line of food trays for Mercadona that offer better quality products with an excellent presentation. We had already developed a line for lasagne and cannelloni, but we managed to eliminate the cardboard we formerly used.

Using the concept, "if you have a great product, flaunt it", we had an IML label designed by ITC and Mercadona for our pre-cooked foods, adding a translucent tray that has given us a spectacular way to present our star products.

Sharing know-how with our suppliers enables us to continue along the road to improving our processes and sales.