“World Flavours” from Borges, with packaging by ITC.


An integral design with added value

An attractive and innovation pack, made in PET with a PP injected hinged lid that provides ergonomics and functionality, openable with one single hand.

Value for the consumer, and advantages throughout the production line. An unbreakable pack with the transparency of glass, where the risk of breakage on the shelf or in the filling line completely disappears, guaranteeing safety during production and handling, and safety for consumers.

The PET option significantly reduces weight compared to glass options, cutting down on raw material consumption and generating fewer emissions during transformation, transport and recycling.

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Here’s a shape that stands out on the shelf, in combination with an attractive pre-stamped sleeve that covers the entire pack + lid, assuring an impressive facing on the shelf – where the buying battle is really waged.

The sleeve not only guarantees high quality decoration, but also provides a high level of safety and tamperproofing, making this pack doubly protected: sleeve + induction film that ensure untamperability and preserves product freshness and quality.