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Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L., a company providing services in the field of creating and manufacturing packaging materials mainly in plastic,  with registered offices at Polígono Industrial Retiro Casa Nova, Calle Valladolid No. 8, 03440 IBI, Alicante, Spain, hereby informs users of this website about its data protection policy, so they can freely and voluntarily decide to provide their consent to providing personal data that may be retrieved when using the www.itc-packaging.com website.


Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L. warns users of this website that accessing this site implies no obligation to supply personal data, as these are only requested voluntarily and retrieved via the CONTACT area using the CONTACT FORM.

When using said FORM, users expressly consent to supplying their personal data, which may be used for sending commercial communications via email or any other method whenever the SEND button located on the data retrieval form is pressed.

Similarly, users are informed that the data retrieved from the website in the areas mentioned above will be processed secretly and confidentially and be included in an automatic personal data file under the responsibility of Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L.

As provided for under Section 12.2 of Spanish Royal Decree RD 1720/2007, Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L. shall process said data confidentially and use them only for client administration and promotion within the constraints of the activities undertaken by the company in fulfilling its mission.

In fulfilment of Section 14.2 of the above mentioned Royal Decree, users are given a 30-day period in which to notify the company of their refusal to have their personal data processed, after which the company shall understand that informed consent has been given for such data processing.

In addition, Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L. shall cancel and erase any data considered inexact, incomplete or obsolete or unnecessary for the purpose for which they were retrieved, in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Organic Act on Data Protection 15/1999 of 13 December and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December.

Nevertheless, users may revoke their consent at any time and exercise their rights to access, modify, cancel or oppose said data processing by manifesting their intent via email to jsaiz@itc-packaging.com.

Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L. has adopted the security levels required under the Security Measures Regulations as approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, although users are warned that filtrations are possible due to fraudulent third-party activities when using a media that is not entirely secure such as Internet, but in respect of such activities Industrias Técnicas del cable S.L. shall be exonerated at all times from any ensuing liabilities that may arise.